How it works

Everything’s ready to go with TomTag’s colourful, sturdy tags, click-in buttons and symbol stickers. Forget the faffy printing, laminating and Velcro! All you need to do is personalise it – just pick, stick, click and off you go.

Every schedule, timetable or checklist you need to make starts with just one or more colourful tags and a pack of blank buttons. All the TomTag symbols have been grouped together into categories relating to a specific topic, skill or area of life.

  • Pick the symbols that are going to help your child with the difficulties they have or areas you want to work on
  • Stick each symbol to a blank button
  • Click these into the tag in the order that they should be followed

When you need to change your list or make something new, just pick-stick-click again … and again … and again!

Click Choose your TomTag to browse our full range of products or I need support with for help with choosing the right TomTag options for you, based on the issues you’re particularly struggling with right now or areas where you need most support.

“Customer service is second to none and the product is first class. I have various routines set up around the house but the best part is being able to use them out and about. I simply load up a base with the buttons we might need, and use another as a Now/Next/Then. It really helps my son with transitions and calms his anxiety over what is going on around him. These pictures get through to him when his mind is racing/stuck. Much more durable and portable than laminated cards/Velcro.”

Stacey Matheson (Facebook 5* review)