Phoebe’s Green Christmas Sticker Pack in collaboration with Embracing Arts & Christmas For Kids


This Pack contains 96 symbol stickers for you to choose from to help prepare for the digital sensory show, Phoebe’s Green Christmas, and to help with communicating and expressing needs and choices during the performance. 

Pack contents

One copy of each of the following 96 images:

Characters & Show activities: Phoebe, Bow, Harry, Elf, Benson, Maurice, Phoebe’s Green Christmas, Phoebe’s house, holly, music, decorate, baking, rainbow, present. Feather, stars, red, orange, blue, green, yellow, purple

Show time: Phoebes Green Christmas, show, singing, dancing, clap, decorate, baking, make a bird, rainbow, weaving, blanket, audience, characters, fun, triangle, shaker, bell, drum, song, laughter, presents, massage, tickle

I think: Can’t see, too loud, too quiet, don’t understand, don’t know, ask, repeat, yes, no  

I feel: good feeling, bad feeling, happy, sad, worried, cross, tired, excited, calm, upset, thirsty, hungry, uncomfy

I need: I want, I need, choose, ear defenders, quiet place, move (wheelchair), move, blow, deep breathe, leave me alone, sensory toy, fidget toy 

Rules & behaviour: sit down (chair), sit down (floor), watch screen, look & listen, again, join in, start, finish, star, first, next, then, now, home time, lunch, snack

  • 8 blank rectangular stickers to label your TomTag Button Holders
  • 12 blank circular stickers to use for additional items or activities

All TomTag symbol stickers are water-resistant.

Symbol images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002-2023

All other images Embracing Arts (C) Phoebe’s Green Christmas 2023


What is TomTag

The TomTag range was originally designed by a mum to help her autistic son, Tom. With this range, it’s quick and easy to make personalised visual timelines, schedules  and reminders which can be used anywhere in the home, at school, in care settings or when out and about.

TomTag visual supports can provide structure and guidance to the day or week ahead, helping to lessen anxieties and mange expectations about what is going to happen. This can lead to improvements in behaviour, communication and encourage personal responsibility and independence. 

These are truly versatile visual supports.  Use the tags singly to highlight sections of the day or particular tasks. Work towards using just one tag to cover a whole routine or time of day. 

TomTag is easy to clean and keep hygienic. TomTag’s plastic button holders and blank buttons can be washed in warm water and a little hand soap should they become dirty and dried with a soft cloth. The stickers are highly water resistant. Simply wipe over with a wet cloth or anti-bacterial wipe.

How does TomTag work?

TomTag uses symbols to show a series of separate tasks or steps involved in a task that are part of a routine, a sequence of events in a timeline or they can be used as a list to teach a new skill by breaking down a single activity into smaller steps.

Many children with autism and other additional needs have strong visual skills. They are more likely to remember and understand what they have seen rather than what they hear. Using a visual support like TomTag to present information visually and in a step-by-step manner allows visual thinkers and learners to take in information at their own pace. Visuals can also act as a reminder when children forget what’s been said or become distracted, TomTag helps to bring their attention back to the task or current situation.


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