I Can Do It Pack My Bag For School Kit


Tom hates to forget things.

Arriving at school without his PE kit or lunch box made him extremely distressed. He worried about getting into trouble with his teachers, being the centre of unwanted attention and missing out on activities. Anxiety over forgotten things affected his ability to learn and concentrate. For me, having to bring items into school for Tom was frustrating and time consuming.

Home time was also stressful. Tom reacted angrily if he was reminded go back into school to collect his things. He saw this as a demand often leading to a meltdown in the school yard.

A simple picture checklist attached to his school bag made life so much easier for all of us.  Showing all the things Tom needed to take to school and bring home  again reminded him what to pack in a fun and non-demanding way. Knowing he had all his things reduced his anxiety levels and gave him a sense of pride in taking responsibility for his belongings.

We developed this TomTag kit to help other families like us who want to reduce their child’s anxiety and frustration over forgotten school items and to help develop their organisation and independence skills.

Quickly and easily create a personalised bag packing checklist for your child. Clip it to their school bag. Check it, pack it and off they go!

Key benefits

  • Developing your child’s organisational skills in a fun, engaging and effective way
  • Encouraging independence by giving your child responsibility for packing their own school bag
  • Knowing what items are needed for school and out of school activities reduces your child’s anxiety as there is no reason for them to get upset or worried about forgotten things
  • Quickly and easily adapt your child’s personalised checklist if their activities change
  • Fastening the checklist to your child’s school bag ensures that it is always on hand so that your child and their teachers always know what they should have with them
  • Strong and durable water-resistant stickers means that they should not be adversely affected by normal weather conditions

Kit contents

  • 6 TomTag Button Holders
  • 40 blank buttons to give you flexibility to create multiple checklists
  • 1 attachment loop to fasten your TomTag to a school bag
  • Easy to follow instruction sheet to assemble your TomTag
  • My School Kit sticker pack which contains:
    • a minimum of 3 copies of each of the following 45 different images (no word labels)
      • All kitted out: Coat, hat & gloves, glasses, wellies, sun hat & cream, slippers, apron
      • My school day: Homework, library, planner, spellings, reading book, show & tell, money, snack, lunch, water bottle, pencil case, art supplies, folder, medicine
      • Making music: Music, violin, trumpet, flute, recorder, guitar, piano, clarinet, singing
      • Getting active: Cricket, hockey, football, athletics, ballet, martial arts, rugby, gymnastics, horse-riding, swimming, dance, t-shirt/shorts/trainers, tennis, cub scouts, brownies
    • Weekday rectangular stickers to label your TomTag Button Holders
    • 7 blank round stickers for personalisation. 

Click the images to enlarge and view the gallery 


  • TomTag Button Holder:18cm x 3cm
  • Buttons: 2cm diameter

The TomTag I Can Do It Range

With the TomTag I Can Do It range, it’s quick and easy to make personalised visual timelines, reminders, checklists and prompts which can be used anywhere in the home, at school, in care settings or when out and about.

TomTag visual supports can provide structure and guidance to help children and young people make sense of, remember, and master the steps involved in learning key skills to manage their daily lives.

TomTag is easy to clean and keep hygienic. TomTag’s plastic button holders and blank buttons can be washed in warm water and a little hand soap should they become dirty and dried with a soft cloth. The stickers are highly water resistant. Simply wipe over with a wet cloth or anti-bacterial wipe.

How does TomTag work?

TomTag uses symbols to show a series of separate tasks or steps involved in a task that are part of a routine, sequence of events in a timeline or they can be used as a list to teach a new skill by breaking down a single activity into smaller steps.

Many children with autism and other additional needs have strong visual skills. They are more likely to remember and understand what they have seen rather than what they hear. Using a visual support like TomTag to present information visually and in a step-by-step manner allows visual thinkers and learners to take in information at their own pace. Visuals can act as a reminder when children forget what’s been said or become distracted. TomTag helps to bring their attention back to the task or current situation.

Our customers say

“Transformed a very forgetful child at home and school, nearly always has everything at the right time and place.”

“They really are amazing. My son went back to school today and while he has always struggled to organise himself, this morning he knew exactly what he needed to do and exactly what he needed to take to school. What a stress-free morning, I could get used to this!”

“They help 2 very forgetful children get home earlier because now they remember everything and don’t get sent back into school for things.”

WARNING: Please note – TomTag is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Images designed exclusively for Orkid Ideas by Alex Steele-Morgan (c) Alex Steele-Morgan

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