Organisation & planning

Visual timetables and checklists can help children and young people to organise their time and belongings more effectively.

Use TomTag to quickly and easily create a visual representation of daily home or school routines to help your child anticipate and plan for regular or special activities or events.

A TomTag picture checklist is perfect for helping young children, non-readers or visual learners to organise their belongings, such as which items they need to pack in their bag for school or bring home again.

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  • product cover first then school minikit

    First – then (at school)

  • cover image for back to school bundle products

    I can do it – back to school bundles

  • I can do it – pack my bag for school

  • product cover image for minikit morning & evening

    I know what to expect – morning and evening

  • product cover minikit my school day

    I know what to expect – my school day

  • cover image what to expect at home kit

    I know what to expect at home

  • cover image what to expect at school kit

    I know what to expect at school

  • cover image sticker pack in the house

    In the house

  • cover image sticker pack my school kit

    My school kit

  • cover image sticker pack out & about

    Out & about

  • cover image for primary class toolkit product

    Primary Classroom toolkit

  • cover image download school morning routines

    School morning routines

  • cover image sticker pack school timetable

    School timetable

Showing all 13 results