My School Kit Sticker Pack


This pack contains 45 beautifully illustrated symbol stickers depicting all the items your child might need to remember for school and out-of-school activities. The stickers in this pack show an image only (no word labels).

Pack contents

  •  a minimum of 3 copies of each of the following images:

All kitted out: Coat, hat & gloves, glasses, wellies, sun hat & cream, slippers, apron

My school day: Homework, library, planner, spellings, reading book, show & tell, money, snack, lunch, water bottle, pencilcase, art supplies, folder, medicine

Making music: Music, violin, trumpet, flute, recorder, guitar, piano, clarinet, singing

Getting active: Cricket, hockey, football, athletics, ballet, martial arts, rugby, gymnastics, horse-riding, swimming, dance, t-shirt/shorts/trainers, tennis, cub scouts, brownies

  • Pre-printed week day rectangular  stickers ( x2) to label your TomTag Button Holders
  • 2 pre-printed ‘Daily’  rectangular stickers to label your TomTag Button Holders 
  • 6 blank circular stickers to use for additional items or activities

View symbols in product gallery.

All TomTag symbol stickers are water-resistant.

Images designed exclusively for Orkid Ideas by Alex Steele-Morgan (c) Alex Steele-Morgan

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