Out & about


For making home timetables, now next boards, planning for trips out of the house, helping your child to know what happens in their day. Supplied with blank tag labels and a small number of blank circular stickers for personalisation.

Contains 2 copies of each of the following images:

Places to go: art gallery, museum, day centre, school, friends house, theatre, cinema, café, restaurant, library, home, leisure centre, club, bowling, soft play, church, park, farm, zoo, playground,

Shops: Shop, supermarket, shopping centre, market, butchers, bread shop, fruit & veg shop, shoe shop, toy shop, clothes shop, changing room (M & F)

Shopping: buy, spend, take change, bank card, pay with card, checkout, wallet, purse, cash machine, trolley, shopping bag, shopping

Transport & travel: car, car seat, fasten seat belt, car park, tricycle, bicycle, scooter, bus, bus stop, train, train station, crossing, cross road, town, city

Behaviour: no biting, no pushing, no kicking, toilets, treat, don’t touch, walk, don’t run, walk together, hold hands, queue, look and listen, wait

All TomTag symbol stickers are water-resistant.

Images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2002-2016 www.widgit.com

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