In the house


For making home timetables, now next boards, helping your child to know what happens in their day. Supplied with days of the week and blank tag labels and a small number of blank circular stickers for personalisation.

Contains 2 copies of each of the following images:

Personal care & behaviour: Get up, shower, get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, undress, wash, bath, bed time, use toilet, wash hands, go to sleep, tablets/medicine, glasses, ear defenders, mobile phone, please,  thank you, time out, reward, use timer, quiet, share

Mealtimes: breakfast, snack, fruit, lunch, sandwich, dinner, sweet treats, picnic, eat, drink

People & places: mum, dad, brother, sister, family, grandparents, visitor, friend, babysitter, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen

Activities: TV, games, baking, read, hobby, homework, tidy up, go to school, no school, walk dog, craft, play inside, iPad/tablet, messy play, listen to music, gaming, play outside, party, lego, pack school bag, puzzles, sensory time, computer, get ready

All TomTag symbol stickers are water-resistant.

Images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2002-2016

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