Clean & Tidy Sticker Pack


This pack contains 72 symbol stickers ( x2 copies) for you to choose from to encourage children to help around the house with domestic activities, or to develop young people’s  independent living skills. 

Pack contents

  •  2 copies of each of the following 72 images:

Cleaning actions: dust, wipe, hoover, wash, sweep, polish, scrub, clean up, tidy up, put away, make bed, tidy books, wash car, clean windows, clean shoes, bedroom, living room, hallway

Cleaning tools: cloth, dustpan & brush, mop, cleaner, duster, bucket, bin, wheelie bin, kitchen paper, recycling, empty rubbish, throw away

Bathroom & kitchen: bathroom, shower room, kitchen, bath, sink, shower, toilet, toilet cleaner, cooker, fridge, draining board, worktop

Mealtimes: lay cloth, tablecloth, set table, living/dining room, dining room, clear plate, load dishwasher, unload dishwasher, dishcloth, washing up, drain, dry dishes

Laundry: utility room, dirty clothes, washing machine, dryer, dry clothes, hang out washing, iron, ironing, put away clothes

Pet care: feed cat, feed dog, walk dog, feed birds, feed fish, feed pets

  • 8 blank rectangular stickers to label your TomTag Button Holders
  • 12 blank circular stickers to use for additional items or activities

View symbols in product gallery.

All TomTag symbol stickers are water-resistant.

Images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2002-2022

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