Independent living skills

Help and encourage young people towards independent living using TomTag visual checklists to teach skills such as shopping, cooking and cleaning. Create reminders and prompts to encourage children to take responsibility for household chores and get them involved in family routines.

Personalised task guides offer consistent visual cues to help children and young people understand and remember what they need to do to successfully complete tasks independently.

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  • cover image sticker pack at the shops

    At the shops

  • cover image sticker pack clean & tidy

    Clean & tidy

  • cover image sticker pack food drink basics

    Food & drink basics

  • cover image sticker pack food and drink extended

    Food & drink extended

  • cover image download going shopping

    Going shopping


    I can do it – help at home

  • product cover help at shops

    I can do it – help at the shops

  • I can do it – in the kitchen

  • I can do it – independent living

  • cover image what to expect going shopping

    I know what to expect going shopping

  • cover image sticker pack my shopping list

    My shopping list

  • cover image sticker pack shopping for clothes and shoes

    Shopping for clothes & shoes

Showing all 12 results