Food & Drink Extended Sticker Pack


This pack is an extended version of the food & drink basics pack and includes a total of 120 symbols. In addition to the basic set symbols which cover breakfasts, snacks and lunches including hot and cold drinks, this set extends the options to preparing, cooking and serving simple hot meals such as beans on toast, cheese on toast, hot sandwiches and egg recipes.

Pack contents

Preparing: apron, wash hands, oven mitts, timer, tin opener, grater, fork, cooking spoon, whisk, grill, toaster, pan, frying pan, turn on, turn off, hob, oven, microwave

Cooking: open tin, break egg, cook (at hob), cook (in pan), boil, simmer, fry, grill, drain, put lid on

Let’s Eat: beans on toast, eggs on toast, cheese on toast, soup, spaghetti, pasta, pasta sauce, cheese sauce, fried egg, bacon sandwich, baked beans, eggs, bacon, water, oil, ketchup, brown sauce, salt, pepper

  • 8 blank rectangular stickers to label your TomTag Button Holders
  • 12 blank circular stickers to use for additional items or activities 

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All TomTag symbol stickers are water-resistant.

Images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2002-2022

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