Toilet Training Toolkit in collaboration with Clear Steps Consultancy


When Tom was younger communication challenges meant that learning to use the toilet was tricky. It was easier just to let him continue wearing his nappy especially when we too exhausted to even think about toilet training.

But being able to use the toilet with little or no help from others is an important milestone, increasing a child’s independence, and self-confidence and positively affecting their day-to-day life. We knew we had to help him.

Using pictures to break the toilet routine down into smaller steps helped Tom understand what was expected. Once he was consistently using the toilet, a picture gave him a way to communicate with us when he needed “to go”.

Knowing what a difference visual supports made in toilet training Tom meant that we wanted to help other families who may also benefit from using toilet training visuals with their child too.

We have teamed up with continence expert Charmaine Champ of Clear Steps Consultancy to create a comprehensive and versatile Toilet Training Toolkit to give you the tools you need to help toilet train your autistic or additional needs child.

This tool kit combines the award-winning TomTag visual supports with an engaging and motivating storybook and step by step guide to help you support your child to understand, communicate and be more independent with their toileting needs.

It’s everything you need to toilet train your autistic or additional needs child all in one box!

Key benefits

  • Step by step guide and online support to help you establish a toilet routine for your child so you don’t feel like you’re doing it on your own
  • Breaking down the toilet routine into smaller steps helps your child learn from the sequence what they have to do
  • Reading the Bobby book together prepares your child for what to expect when going to the toilet
  • Showing your child exactly what they need to do and in what order helps them to know what to do and remember what to do
  • Encouraging independence by giving your child responsibility for their own toileting routine
  • Creating structure and routine around toileting results in predictability which reduces your child’s anxiety and focuses them back on their routine
  • Quickly and easily adapt your child’s routine as they master new skills
  • Empowers your child to communicate when they want to go to the toilet and any sensory issues causing them discomfort
  • Reminding in a discrete way the steps that older children need to take
  • Strong, durable, and easy clean water-resistant stickers mean you can display routines in the bathroom where your child can see them

Toolkit contents

  • 6 Button Holders
  • 40 blank buttons to give you the flexibility to create schedules, routines, and prompts
  • 1 attachment loop to fasten your TomTag to a bag, belt, or hook
  • Easy to follow instruction sheet to assemble your TomTag
  • Toilet Time Sticker Pack which contains 60 different symbol stickers (2 copies of each) for:
      • Routines: Toilet time, need toilet, eat, drink, get up, bedtime, breakfast, drink, snack, dinner, lunch, FIRST, THEN, NOW, NEXT
      • What’s wrong? Too loud, too smelly, too hot, too cold, bad feeling, too bright
      • Toilet time: Go to toilet, close door, lid up, trousers and pants down, sit down, feet on stool, choose, use timer, fidget toy, read book, toilet roll, wipes
      • Toilet routine: Poo, Wee, toilet roll, wipe, put in toilet, flush, pants & trousers up, lid down
      • Wash hands: Turn tap on, pit soap on hands, soap, wash hands, turn tap off, dry hands
      • General: Pants, comic, treat, fidget toy, move, play, Bobby book
      • 24 Star symbol stickers
      • 12 blank round stickers for personalisation
      • 8 blank rectangular stickers to label your TomTag Button Holders
    • Bobby Can use The Toilet Book – a 12-page illustrated story book to read with your child in preparation for toilet training
    • Drawstring bag for storing the kit and to allow your child to transport it easily between settings. Can also be used to store fidget toys and books to use whilst sitting on the toilet.
    • Your Toilet Training Guide: a step-by-step guide to successful toilet training with tips and advice from expert continence consultant, Charmaine Champ.

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  • TomTag Button Holder:18cm x 3cm
  • Buttons: 2cm diameter
  • Drawstring bag: 40cm x 34cm 

How does TomTag work?

TomTag uses symbols to show a series of separate tasks or steps involved in a task that are part of a routine, a sequence of events in a timeline, or they can be used as a list to teach a new skill by breaking down a single activity into smaller steps.

Many children with autism and other additional needs have strong visual skills. They are more likely to remember and understand what they have seen rather than what they hear. Using a visual support like TomTag to present information visually and in a step-by-step manner allows visual thinkers and learners to take in information at their own pace. Visuals can also act as a reminder when children forget what’s been said or become distracted, TomTag helps to bring their attention back to the task or current situation.

Our customers say

“The toolkit has really helped Lucas’s understanding of where to go and what toilet time is. It has helped establish a routine every morning and evening and meant he’s now weeing on the potty”

“I haven’t felt stressed at all about toileting because the guide has told me exactly what to do. It’s absolutely amazing! So easy to follow”

” This kit has really changed our lives. It’s a life skill that Lucas has nearly cracked!”

WARNING: Please note – TomTag is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Symbol images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002-2022 All other images (C) Orkid Ideas Limited 2022




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