TomTag – Feb 2015 update

Since the first batch of TomTags rolled off the production line back in 2012, we’ve been developing, learning and adapting our products to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

TomTag has developed beyond ‘the cool tool to help kids pack their bags for school’ that we started out with. Whilst this is still a key product in our range (now one of our “I can do it” sets), the unique design of our tags and buttons opens up many more possibilities for TomTag to be used as a visual schedule, routine support or communication system.

We realised that this meant we needed to find a way to make it easier for our customers to understand how TomTag can work for them and what they need to buy to get started. We now offer a pick and mix option for those who prefer to choose exactly the components they want but we’ve also put together some popular combination sets that include a 10% discount compared to buying the same items individually.

Although we have needed to increase some of our prices, we now offer more flexibility to our customers to be able to purchase the products that specifically meet their needs. We’ve also changed our packaging so that we’re able to use a more economical postal service and we’ve passed this saving on to our customers by reducing our shipping charges.

We truly believe that all our products offer amazing value for money as well as potentially life-changing results – we hope you agree!