DZ Circus School

tomtags display set up for dz circus school

The request

“Hi. I’m a Director of a not-for-profit Community Circus School and we teach Autism Friendly classes that are evolving into what we are calling CSPD (Circus Skills for people with Disabilities). I feel some visual aids would be helpful for some of the students we have and love your product. We would love to be able to create stickers for the circus equipment we use but would prefer the option to print our own – is this something we could work with you to have a Circus Sheet of stickers? We also know the favourite colours throughout the group are blue and red so we’d like to choose our tags to match if possible!”

The discussion

Coral sent us some ideas of the circus equipment they wanted symbols for so we started by checking if the Widgit library would have anything suitable that we could use under our licence agreement. Due to the niche nature of the request, we found we couldn’t source all the items we needed from their library so Coral sent a few sketches of her own that she wondered if we could use. These looked amazing! We advised her to make sure all the symbols had clear black outlines and bright block colours for best impact and Coral set to work producing DZ Circus School’s own unique symbols that we set up and printed onto our stickers.   

The result

Our favourite bespoke task to date! Such lovely customers to work with, doing an amazing job for the benefit of their community and we’re so proud to be working in partnership with them. 

Here’s the feedback we received via the DZ Circus blog on (in their word) “TomTag Awesome Visuals”!