Photo tags

bespoke tag image from Biddle

The request

Amanda said “I love your tomtags, so easy to use but I was wondering as a lot of the visuals for the child I support need to be more specific and personalised, is it possible to send you photos and for you to print them onto the stickers for me.”

The discussion

We asked Amanda to send in a couple of photos so that we could have a trial run and make some samples. We wanted to see what the photos would look like and make sure that we were happy with the quality and detail we would get by reducing the size to fit our stickers. With a bit of trial and error, we realised that the images needed to focus in on one or two relevant objects rather than be taken of the whole subject from a wide angle. For example, in the classroom it might be one of the work tables and in the dining hall the serving counter.

The result

Amanda took to Facebook to share her delight at the end result.

“I work in a reception class with a little boy with autism who has limited communication. I needed some photos more specific to him and his environment and the wonderful people at Orkid Ideas took my photos and made up my buttons for me. I love my Tom tags and so does he. So easy to use and so effective. A truly amazing product! 😁😁”