Brambles Preschool

green tomtags with bespoke symbols for Brambles pres-school

The request

Hi, I’m the business manager and SENCo for a small forest school in Salisbury. We came across your TomTags at the Autism Show and wondered if you’d be able to supply a small number of bespoke tags for us to help our children with their daily routine in our preschool. Oh, and we’d like all the tags to be green!

The discussion

We were able to source all the symbols that Brambles needed to guide the children’s routine from the Widgit library. These included toilet/nappy, wash hands, put coat on, snack and lunch.
They were also interested in a new minikit that we’d just launched at the time, our Share how I feel tag, which they felt would really support the children’s emotional communication.  

The result 

15 green TomTags with bespoke routine symbols and 15 green TomTags with emotions faces. 
“We are so pleased with them, being an outdoor nursery these are so practical for us. Would really recommend :)”