Mullum Primary

a colletion of bespoke tags produced for Mullum Primary School

The request

“I love the Tom Tag idea. As Principal in a new school I am preparing a Starting School Pack for newly enrolled students for the 2019 Australian school year.  I would love to provide each child with one of the Tom Tags with a standard set of stickers for packing their school bag.  The sticker set would be something like … school hat, lunch box, drink bottle, jumper, book satchel, piece of fruit.” 

The discussion

Over the course of the next few weeks we discussed various options with the school, including using photographs, Widgit or our own School Kit symbols.  The Principal was very keen for the symbols to be easily recognised by her students so we eventually hit upon the idea of using pictures provided by their uniform supplier for the hat, jumper and backpack symbols they needed. 

We then used some of the hand-drawn symbols from our My School Kit sticker pack to provide the other items Mullum were looking for, which worked really well alongside the uniform pictures.

The result

 100 bespoke red tags (to match the red theme of Mullum Primary’s school uniform) each ready prepared with a set of 6 symbols headed off to Australia for the start of their new school year in 2019. There’ll be no excuse for any child at Mullum to arrive unprepared for their school day!