Haircuts & health checks


Prepare for appointments and visits to the doctor, hospital, dentist, therapists, opticians and hairdressers. Supplied with blank tag labels and a small number of blank circular stickers for personalisation. 

This pack contains 2 copies of each of the following symbols:

Medical: doctor, nurse, hospital, doctor’s surgery, doctor’s bed, lie down, sit on chair, check pulse, blood test, check blood pressure, take temperature, get weighed, measure height, look in ear, listen to chest, take big breath, feel unwell, hearing test

Hair: hairdresser, barber, gown, sink, wash hair, towel, comb hair, cut hair (male/female), dry hair

Teeth & eyes: dentist, toothache, teeth, brush teeth, dentist’s mirror, tooth decay, filling, open mouth wide, plaque, dentist’s tools, take tooth out, dentist’s chair, floss teeth, braces, gargle/rinse, optician, look, look in eyes, eye test, eye drops

Therapy: OT (x2), therapist, therapy room, speech therapist, speech therapy, physiotherapist, physiotherapy, consultant

General: waiting room, examination room, reception, x-ray, feel, touch, press, put cream on, take medicine, needle, injection, plaster, bandage, well done

All TomTag symbol stickers are water-resistant. 

Images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2002-2016

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