Bespoke Symbols & Kits


Can’t find exactly the symbols you’re looking for? We can help! 

Using Widgit’s extensive symbol library, we can often find symbols to meet your individual needs if we haven’t included them anywhere in our range already.

If you’d like to source your own symbols, drawings, or even photographs, we can usually set these up to fit on our standard stickers and print them for you.   

If you have bespoke requirements, please email or call us before or when placing your order so that we can quote you an exact price for this service as it will depend on your specific requirements. 

Here’s a selection from some of the different bespoke kits we’ve already produced and we’d love to hear from you to discuss your individual needs too.

Mountain bike race sticker set

The request Katie emailed us “I’m interested in ordering a custom sticker set. We already use TomTags for our autistic ...
tomtags display set up for dz circus school

DZ Circus School

The request "Hi. I'm a Director of a not-for-profit Community Circus School and we teach Autism Friendly classes that are ...
bespoke tag image from Biddle

Photo tags

The request Amanda said "I love your tomtags, so easy to use but I was wondering as a lot of ...
green tomtags with bespoke symbols for Brambles pres-school

Brambles Preschool

The request Hi, I'm the business manager and SENCo for a small forest school in Salisbury. We came across your ...
a colletion of bespoke tags produced for Mullum Primary School

Mullum Primary

The request "I love the Tom Tag idea. As Principal in a new school I am preparing a Starting School ...
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